Minutes after winning the AL Wild Card game over the A’s, the Tampa Rays headed to a local Applebee’s to celebrate.

“It was crazy,” said first baseman Yandy Diaz, who paced the Rays’ 5-1 victory with a pair of solo homers, including one to lead off the game. “Skip [manager Kevin Cash] said we were heading to Applebee’s for a fancy dinner and he was going to be able to put it on the team’s credit card.”

Cash said his team was mighty impressed by the splurge.

“They’re used to McDonald’s and Burger King, so anything that costs more than $9 a person is going to wow these guys,” said Cash. “They were a little disappointed when I asked them to throw in for the tip, because 11 percent of $752 is a lot for 25 guys making the league minimum to split among themselves.”

Cash said that if his team was able to make it past the Astros in the next round, he was really going to let loose.

“We’re going to Olive Garden baby!” said Cash. “And if we make it to the World Series, it’s Cheesecake Factory. That’ll be a pricey one.”

Added Cash: “God I hope we don’t make it to the World Series.”