After another blown lead in the eighth inning, leading to a heartbreaking loss to the Brewers in the 10th Saturday night, the Cubs have petitioned Major League Baseball to remove the eighth inning from Major League baseball games. 

“It honestly seems like a no-brainer,” said Cubs’ GM Jed Hoyer. “They are always trying to speed up the game anyway. Removing the 8th inning is the perfect solution. The game will still end in the ninth and the baseball purists won’t even know the difference, and everyone else will just enjoy a quicker game. Plus, everyone has a bullpen issue. It’s a win win win. That’s a triple whammy!”

In order for the idea to pass, two-thirds of players will need to sign an actual petition. All 25 players on the Cubs’ active roster have signed and it appeared Pedro Stop attempted to sign it twice but was caught doing so.

After Craig Kimbrel also blew a save Saturday night, the Cubs are considering a similar petition for the ninth inning.