The NBA’s most beloved mascot Benny the Bull needed to be restrained Monday morning by Hall of Famer and six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen, who serves as Special Adviser for the Chicago Bulls, after Benny was seen storming into John Paxson’s office with a chalk board that read “Trade Me Now.” Paxson is the executive VP of basketball operations for the team.

Benny burst onto the NBA scene in 1969 as the league’s first mascot and has been entertaining families and fans for decades. Now 48, it seems that 20 straight years without a Larry O’Brien trophy has taken its toll on the lovable dunk machine. Pippen nor Paxson made a comment on the matter but front office staff said Scottie had to step in between Benny and Paxson during a heated exchange of nods and head shakes. Benny was later consoled by Pippen who was slouched over in a chair covering his eyes.

The Bulls released a press release on its website saying, “Benny the Bull has been placed on paid leave. For now, fans will get to enjoy our second-rate mascot, Da Bull.”