Following his addition to the Bills roster in advance of Sunday’s game against the Bears, QB Matt Barkley is reportedly very excited for his opportunity to play the second half against his former team after starter Nathan Peterman’s inevitable flame-out.

“Whether it’s entering the game due to an injury, poor performance, a blowout, or a combination of all three, this could be a great redemption opportunity for me,” said Barkley. “Just look at what Nick Mullens did from the third string for the Niners Thursday night.”

However, Barkley still faces the challenge of learning the Bills’ offensive playbook, but he is reportedly progressing very quickly.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect the whole thing to be written in Crayon, but I guess as long as I hand it off to Shady, or let Terrelle Pryor do the passing from the wildcat, I should be okay.”

By Mitchell Trachtenberg