The hits keep coming for Kyle Fuller. A critical moment in Sunday night’s heartbreaking loss to the Packers was the Bears’ cornerback’s dropped INT late in the fourth quarter. The Packers then scored a 75-yard TD pass to Randall Cobb just two plays later to put them ahead for good, 24-23.

Knowing Fuller was likely taking the loss very hard, the Packers attempted to award him a game ball Sunday night in a show of sportsmanship. The home team had an intern run the ball to Fuller in the Bears locker room after the game. And of course, when he tossed it to Fuller, he inadvertently dropped it in front of a locker room full of stunned teammates.

“Man, all Kyle has to do is wrap that ball up and we can get on the bus and get out of here,” said teammate Khalil Mack while using a respirator to catch his breath. “You hate to see that happen twice in one night.”

Other defensive teammates joined in.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on with that kid,” said Danny Trevathan while having several shattered vertebrates worked on by team trainers. “He’s a cornerback. Use your hands man.”

Fuller received several pats on the back from other well-meaning teammates who then suggested maybe he should catch a cab to the airport as no one wanted his bad luck to spread to the rest of the team more than it already had.