The barrage of criticism Cardinals fans have levied toward Dexter Fowler reached a fever pitch as the outfielder took heat for failing to bat 1.000 during a five-game series at Wrigley this weekend.

“We all know Dexter Fouler [sic] is a spy for the Cubs,” wrote on Cards fan on Facebook. “How’s he not get a hit ever time he’s up to the plate when it’s batting at Wrigley Field? So weak. The Cards need to cut his azz now!”

Thousands of other examples of online Fowler criticism are out there. Like this one:

“I didn’t wear my fancy Pujols jersey to all five games at Wrigley this weekend to watch Dexter Fowler stink up the joint,” tweeted Cardinals4Eva2018. “If that bum can’t bat 1.000 for the series he needs to take the Greyhound back home to think about what he’s done.”