The MVP-caliber season that Javy Baez is having for the Cubs in 2018 is certain to come to end Monday night in Washington, D.C., when he takes part in MLB’s annual Home Run Derby. With the “Full Javy” expecting to be jacked up to levels yet unseen, many experts believe that serious injury will be the end result.

“The astonishing torque that he puts his body through during one major league at-bat will certainly be amplified 10-fold during the home run contest,” said famed orthopedic surgeon James Andrews. “The likely outcome is the dislodging of both his arms or full-on explosion of the vertebral column by his fourth or fifth swing.”

Baez, however, was unfazed by the talk of potential career-threatening injury and is confident he will send many a baseball into flight across the nation’s capital.

“I keep hearing this thing about draining the swamp, but I’m going to hit it to the swamp,” said Baez. “The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House got nothing on El Mago, you will see!”

Jeremy Barewin