While the unprecedented playoff run of the Las Vegas Golden Knights has turned into a feel-good story for much of the sports world, at least one person close to the action is rooting against the expansion team. With the Stanley Cup Final set to start Monday night, Cindy Pritchard, wife of famed Cup keeper Philip Pritchard said she is “really, really” hoping Vegas doesn’t win the championship, for fear of the toll the city’s go-go atmosphere will take on her husband.

“If the Stanley Cup spends the off-season bouncing from one Vegas club to the other, I worry about Phil,” said Cindy. “He is always in the middle of the fray and very susceptible to negative influences.”

Last year in Pittsburgh, for example, Cindy said Phil escorted the Cup for a night on the town with Penguins’ winger Phil Kessel and some friends. Though the Cup was put to bed at midnight for its regular curfew, Phil stayed out with the crew

“And that was Pittsburgh,” said Cindy. “I can’t imagine what would happen after spending the summer in Las Vegas.”

Added Cindy: “I fear for our marriage if Vegas beats the Capitals.”