With his future as Blackhawks head coach up in the air, Joel Quenneville today shocked the sports world when he announced Thursday that he was retiring from the team to become an eSports coach.

eSports, otherwise known as “playing video games,” has become a massive industry, earning top players sizable annual salaries and drawing huge crowds to live events.

Quenneville will serve as a head coach for some of the top NHL 18 players in the world. Quenneville said he’s looking forward to the change in scenery.

“It’ll been great not having a coach a team with a bunch of no-name goalies and aging defensemen being dragged down by boat anchor contracts,” said Quenneville. “Plus, instead of Stan [Bowman] trading away some of my favorite guys it’ll be some random 24-year-old loser video gamer kid doing it in franchise mode, which we can always reset if needed. It’s far less stressful that way.”