Major League Baseball this afternoon removed one of Kike Hernandez’s record-setting three home runs in the Dodgers’ 11-1 victory over the Cubs Thursday night because it was hit off struggling reliever Hector Rondon.

“After reviewing all three of Hernandez’s home runs, we determined that one was invalid because it was hit off Hector Rondon, who got smoked all series long,” said MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. “The way Rondon pitched doesn’t warrant that home run to count.”

Manfred said that the home run would be reclassified as a “four-base single.” He also clarified another plate appearance in a previous game.

“Similarly, we’ve ruled that Carl Edwards’ four-pitch walk against Yu Darvish in game three will instead be classified as a new statistical category we are calling ‘Base Gained Due to Pitcher Ineptitude,'” said Manfred. “My god, did you see that? Ridiculous.”