With the Cubs postseason hopes on life support, local charities are reporting a dramatic influx of calls Wednesday morning from Cubs fans looking to give away their NLCS Game 4 tickets.

“Oh my, the phones have just been ringing nonstop,” said Sister Mary Katherine O’Reilly of Sisters of the Meek Nursing Home. “It’s probably even worse than the last few Bears’ season finales.”

O’Reilly wasn’t alone. Charities from around the Chicagoland area have been unable to keep up with the calls from fans hoping to snag a tax write off rather than attend what could be the last game of the season for the sputtering Cubs.

“I suppose their hearts are in the right place,” said Thomas Jandry, executive director of Hope for the Hopeless Orphanage. “Our kids usually love going to baseball games, even they don’t want to be subjected to what the Cubs are going through right now.”