The hoards of Bears fans eagerly awaiting the eventual debut of first-round draft pick Mitch Trubisky will be in for a huge disappointment. Reports from those close to the organization indicate the young QB is becoming “much, much worse at football” just by being in the presence of struggling starter Mike Glennon.

“The Mitch we came to know and love this preseason is basically dead,” said an unnamed insider. “In practice, he’s a completely different quarterback: He can no longer scramble. He just locks in on a receiver and overthrows him by 10 yards. It’s awful.”

The source said the team believes Trubisky is regressing through some form or osmosis. All of Glennon’s bad habits are wearing off on Trubisky.

“We had hoped that Mitch would spend time under a seasoned veteran like Mike and it would help him develop into a stronger quarterback at the pro level,” said the source. “We couldn’t have been more wrong unfortunately.”

Added the source: “He’s also starting to look a little like the kid from ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ It’s really weird.”