A new MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed, sealed and delivered on Wednesday night, with some interesting changes taking place for the upcoming 2017 season. Perhaps most noteworthy was rescindment of the All-Star Game winner determining World Series home field advantage, a rule initiated by then-Commissioner Bud Selig in 2002. In its place, MLB will now institute a Dizzy Bat Race Relay during All-Star Weekend to determine that year’s World Series host.

“From the beginning of negotiations, we tossed out the idea of the team with the best record hosting the World Series, that makes little sense,” said Commissioner Rob Manfred. “To add more excitement and to bring in more fans, especially millennials, the dizzy bat race thing is going to really knock it out of the park.”

While details are still being worked out, it is expected that an N.L. and A.L. team of five will compete against one another in the Dizzy Bat Race Relay, scheduled for the Monday evening festivities preceding the All-Star Game. Teams will consist of three current players, one mascot, and a fan of the game sponsored by Dr. Pepper. While at home plate, participants will place their head on a bat and spin around 10 times and then attempt to run to first base. Very simply, the team with all five participants making it to first base successfully first will win home field advantage for their respective league.

“I can’t wait to see Bartolo Colon anchor the N.L. squad,” said Tony Clark, head of the MLB Players Association. “He’s going to beat the pants off of Wally the Green Monster!”

Jeremy Barewin