Lifelong Cubs fan Mark Gorski, 42, died Friday morning in Grant Park after suffering a heart attack just hours before the Cubs championship celebration was to begin. Like many Cubs fans, Mark arrived in Grant Park early Friday morning.

“When the gates finally opened, we all started running to get in to the park,” Mark’s friend Chuck said. “After 200, maybe 300 yards Mark was breathing very heavy and grabbing his chest.”

Chuck went on to explain how Mark had not been taking very good care of himself for the past decade or two. More recently Mark had really let himself go, as he celebrated Cubs wins with burgers and beers and filled voids left by playoff losses with hot dogs, pizzas, beers, and various pasta dishes.

Added Chuck: “That short run was probably the most he’d exercised in years.”

“At least he got to see the Cubs win it all,” Chuck said as he wiped a tear from his cheek. “I just can’t believe they finally won. Every time I talk about it, I choke up.”