Cubs and White Sox fans alike took to the Internet last week after the Cubs’ NLCS elimination loss to the Mets to engage in civil and considerate conversation with one another.

“Nothing but love and respect for you North Siders up there,” commented one White Sox fan on a Cubs post filled with positivity and well-wishes for each other’s respective teams. “You guys have a bright future loaded with young talent and state of the art plumbing facilities, and I would totally let my wife have Kris Bryant’s babies.”

Cubs fans returned the kind words, noting that Hawk Harrelson really brings the games to life with his colorful, borderline-racist analysis and passionate disdain for Mark Wegner and every other umpire who is in cahoots against the Sox.

“Keep your heads up,” encouraged one Cubs fan regarding the White Sox. “This year was just a fluke for you guys. I’m sure [Jeff] Samardzija will come back strong next year with a fresh new haircut and a 20-win season to go along with it.”

With the baseball season officially over for both Chicago teams, fans can now come together and comment about how excited they are for Jay Cutler to be the Bears’ franchise quarterback and how tough of a player Derrick Rose is.


Shingo TaCatsu