Lifelong Cubs fan Bill Winters was elated when the Cubs advanced to the NLCS earlier this week, until he learned of a scheduling conflict with Game 1 Saturday night.

“Apparently my wife committed us to some birthday dinner that night,” said Winters. “I was hoping it would be at a sports bar or something but it’s at a fancy place without TVs or anything.”

Winters said he wasn’t he sure how he would follow the Cubs-Mets game but was sure he’d figure something else out.

“I got roped into a work dinner the night the Blackhawks beat the Flyers for the Stanley Cup in 2010,” said Winters. “My boss wanted me to pay attention to whatever our schmuck clients had to say but I set up a Slingbox at home and kept my phone on my lap to watch the whole game.”

Added Winters: “Some birthday dinner isn’t going to get in the way of me following this game. You can bet on that.