Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville addressed the media Wednesday morning to discuss rumors surrounding defenseman Kimmo Timonen.

After suffering a 4-3 overtime loss to the Ducks Monday night, rumors had been circulating that a tree sloth from a local zoo might be starting over the veteran defenseman in game 6.

Timonen’s lack of quickness, physicality, and overall sluggish play may be the reason behind these rumors as Timonen posted a second negative plus/minus rating in the conference finals.

“We are open to any means of motivating Kimmo to play his best,” Quenneville said. “If it means competing against a medium sized leaf eating mammal for a starting slot, we are certainly open to it.”

If Quenneville makes the change, experts say the hawks defensive play is not likely to change as both the sloth and Timonen share similar shot blocking and zone clearing abilities.

If granted the start, this would be the tree sloth’s first NHL playoff appearance.