This week the Bears announced upgrades to their two Soldier Field video boards, slowly inching the stadium into the 21st century. The 300% plus increase in screen size was made possible due to a generous donation from George McCaskey himself.

“As my butler was conducting my annual spring cleaning, we noticed three Jumbotrons collecting dust in my basement,” McCaskey stated. “I decided to save one for my grandchildren’s video games and have the other two hooked up in the stadium. It sure beats those old rust buckets we had in there before.”

The move will finally allow fans attending Bears home games the ability to clearly see replays and follow other scores and action around the NFL. Needless to say, Bears fans were thrilled with the news.

“Larger screens and full 1080p resolution at Soldier Field?” asked season ticket holder Michael Rosenblum. “I mean, it’s only been three years since that kind of HD quality was made commercially available on most consumer televisions. This organization is finally making some strides!”

Heckler Brian