Following yet another multi-overtime victory, the Chicago Blackhawks are putting a new twist on the popular #MyPlayoffMoment campaign, urging fans to share a picture or video of the exact moment they went into cardiac arrest while watching the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“We know Blackhawks fans are the most loyal hockey fans in the world,” said team president John McDonough. “Some of them literally live or die with the team, and with the recent spate of heart-throbbing overtime contests, we just wanted to collect all the ways the Hawks impact our fans’ lives.”

Other hashtags the team considered were #MyPlayoffHangover, #MyHoarseThroat and #MyLackOfSleep.

Whoever submits the best heart attack moment will not only be featured during an upcoming Hawks game — they’ll also have 100% of their medical bills covered by the team.

“Assuming they survived their special moments, we will of course take care of them,” said McDonough. “So let’s see those videos, Hawks fans! Did your dad collapse during the first overtime when the Ducks peppered Crawford with pucks? Did you wind up hearing the game-winning goal on the radio while you were being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance? Share your moment now.”

Heckler George