The Bulls exited the playoffs with a whimper on Thursday night after they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in their game six loss to Cleveland, but that doesn’t mean Jimmy Butler’s season is over. During his post-game press conference, Tom Thibodeau – who has most likely coached his last game for Chicago after a public feud with front office personnel – vowed to stretch his all-star to the extreme limit in game seven.

“Jimmy is the key to us winning this series, but he’s gonna have to go the full 48,” said Coach Thibs. “Hell, if I can find a way to squeeze 50 or 60 minutes out of him during regulation, I’m going to do it.”

When reminded that their season was over, Thibodeau became defiant.

“As long as Kirk Hinrich can walk, this series ain’t over,” he said. “And Derrick can flip the switch anytime he wants and go off for 50. He’s due.”

Jeremy Barewin