Less than 24 hours after parting ways with the Denver Broncos, John Fox was spotted eating Chicago style pizza at a restaurant near O’Hare Airport. The former Denver head coach was rumored to be a potential replacement for Marc Trestman, but his conspicuous consumption of a sausage and mushroom, 3-inch tall pizza has made him the favorite to be the next field general of the Chicago Bears.

“Look, we don’t want to jump the gun here,” said GM Ryan Pace. “But the guy likes the deep dish and he went to two Super Bowls. Plus, [Chicago Tribune columnist] David Haugh says I should hire him. I don’t want to disappoint ‘The Haugh’ after he told the Cubs to hire [Joe] Maddon and they did.”

While it’s unclear whether Fox can grow the Ditka-Quenneville-Jackson-Guillen mustache, a requirement for any championship-caliber Chicago coach, his enjoyment of the city’s signature dish is clearly an indication of his willingness to go all-in before an interview with the Bears.

“I like the way he thinks,” said Pace. “This guy wasn’t like, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll get a Big Mac at the airport.’ He went for the deep dish. It’s like the time Phil Jackson had a hot dog with sport peppers, mustard, onions, relish, tomato and a pickle spear before the Bulls hired him. Same thing, really.”

Longtime Bears fan Bill Benson agreed.

“The guy’s serious,” said Benson. “What would Da Coach eat after a long flight from Denver to Chicago? A burger? I don’t think so. Cheese. Sauce. And more cheese. This Fox guy might have what it takes to lead us to the next Super Bowl. Plus, a stomach of iron if he’s eating deep dish in Rosemont.”

There’s no word yet whether Fox saves his parking spaces with lawn chairs and knows to give himself an extra 20 minutes for his morning commute when he’s taking the Red Line.