Benched Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said today he intends to fully support the team’s new starter at the position.

“I’ve got Jonny Crawson’s back,” Cutler told reporters.

The embattled Cutler made his backing known following the team’s practice Friday afternoon. “[I] didn’t see any of Jonny’s throws today, but they were probably good,” Cutler said. “He’ll be ready for the Tigers on Sunday.”

Demoted after a particularly shaky home performance against the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night, Cutler said he has no issue being relegated to a backup role. “I’ll do whatever coach Tarkman says I should do, and part of that is being supportive of whoever and stuff,” Cutler explained.

After answering questions, Cutler approached kicker Jay Feely and signaled to the scouting binder he was loosely holding at his side.

“Hey, Jonny,” Cutler said, stifling a yawn. “We should talk about their plays and whatever.”

At press time, Cutler told reporters he was looking forward to helping the defense prep for the Detroit Lions by posing as the team’s star quarterback, “Michael Shackford.”

Dan Delagrange