A well-rested Tom Ricketts returned from a week in the Caribbean this morning shocked to find his stadium’s famed bleachers had been torn down.

“That wasn’t part of the plan at all,” said Ricketts. “I like to take some time at the end of the season to totally unplug but it looks like I chose the wrong occasion to do that.”

While he was out of town, Tom put his brother Todd in charge of the renovations, which all sides now agree was the first mistake.

“God bless him, Todd’s heart really is in the right place,” said Tom. “But it turns out he gave the construction crew the blueprints from the bleacher expansion that took place nearly a decade ago so they started by knocking them down.”

Now the Wrigley renovations are set back another year while construction crews work feverishly to rebuild the bleachers to their original form in time for Opening Day 2015.

“Luckily we’re used to dealing with mind-numbing setbacks,” said Ricketts. “We are the Chicago Cubs after all.”