It’s been a brutal sports week. Not only has the videotape finally surfaced of Ray Rice punching his wife unconscious, amidst other domestic violence issues in the NFL. The week also featured the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks looking for new ownership after team owner Bruce Levenson self-reported sending out some very stereotypical, offensive emails back in 2012. Also, team GM Danny ferry used racist remarks when describing free agent Luol Deng. Meanwhile, the NCAA decided to forgive Penn State for the entire Jerry Sandusky scandal and cover-up.

But, there was mildly positive news: Ryan Leaf has been let out of prison with time served.

Start the parade now, people. You can finally believe in miracles. Expect standing ovations whenever this guy shows up at a game. Leaf, the man many people refer to as the #1 bust in the history of the NFL, was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison for burglary and illegally obtaining prescription drugs. However, the judge showed leniency and granted him time-served because he had been in prison for the last 27 months. This was presumably because burglary and pill-popping really don’t look quite that bad amidst everything else that’s going on right now.

So the next time an NFL player beats his woman, or an NBA front office executive is caught making racist remarks, or people cheer for Penn State Football, remember one thing: Ryan Leaf is a free man. Let the anvils ring with chants of “TIME SERVED TIME SERVED TIME SERVED.”

Editor’s note: In 1998, Heckler contributor Seth Jaffe told his best friend Aaron Bleich that Ryan Leaf would be way better than Peyton Manning. (Only time will tell)