With the announcement that can’t-miss Cubs prospect Javy Baez was slated to join the Chicago Cubs 25-man roster, likely as the team’s starting second basemen, the excited 21-year-old rookie promised title-hungry Chicago fans that he would not let them down, and that he would follow in the footsteps of the Hall of Fame talent that has come through the Chicago farm system, like Mark Prior and Corey Patterson.

“This is not a responsibility I take lightly,” Baez told reporters. “I know that when Mark Prior and Corey Patterson got this call, they felt the same pressure that I do now to elevate this team to the next level and hopefully give Chicago fans everywhere a championship.”

“And I for one hope that I can respond to the call the exact same way Patterson did when he burst onto the scene in the year 2000, with the same dedication to durability that Prior has subscribed to ever since 2002.”

When asked if he had loftier goals in mind for his Chicago Cubs career, Baez laughed the question off, saying, “Sure, I can dream to match the level reached by Felix Pie, but I’m trying to keep myself grounded here. Next year is going to be our year, I can feel it.”

Jeff GoodSmith