It’s that time again. Training camp is well underway for the Chicago Bears and that means that players need to stay as focused as possible. That’s why GM Phil Emery decided to schedule a tune-up game this weekend against a team from the Penal Football League (PFL).

The PFL started back in the 1960s as a way for the Oakland Raiders to stockpile extra draft picks. Now the PFL is literally overcrowded with talent. That’s why this move made so much sense for the Bears, who are considered by many to be a darkhorse Super Bowl contender this year.

The Bears will be leaving training camp in Bourbonnais to go play a scrimmage at the Supermax Federal Correctional Penitentiary brought to you by the Harrah’s Joliet Chicago Hotel and Casino on Tuesday. Diehard Bears fan and Waukesha, Wisc., resident David Reesor shared his excitement in his favorite Bears Chat Room “Last Grossman Standing/ Rex in Effects.”

“Not only can I see the Bears play a new team this weekend, but the facilities at the supermax prison are actually nicer than Soldier Field,” said Reesor. “Sure I may get taken hostage, but at least I don’t have to worry about a giant piece of concrete falling on me while I’m in line for Brats.”

QB Jay Cutler and the Bears promised to be ready for the big scrimmage this weekend knowing full well just how much depth was on the convict team. A quick look at their roster showed Aaron Hernandez at tight end, Rae Carruth at wide receiver, and a slew of Baltimore Ravens to fill-out the defense. Cons QB Paul Crewe has been looking sharp in scouting film, despite taking six months off to film “Grown-Ups 2.”

Tickets for the game could be purchased on the Bears website, or you could attend the game for free if you just spent enough time with the Texas Longhorns football team when they were done with practice.