While the Cubs sputter through another miserable campaign, the team’s front office has pledged to reimburse its season ticket holders for the financial losses they’ve accumulated since 2008, the last year the team had a winning record. Most season ticket holders aren’t able to attend anywhere near all of the 81 games a year they purchase each season and with the team’s face value ticket prices among the highest in the league, their fans are taking a bath financially.

“As an organization owned by billionaires, the Chicago Cubs can’t sit by idly while our season ticket holders — many of whom are hard-working, middle-class Chicagoans — lose thousands of dollars a year,” said Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney. “Our message to our most dedicated and supportive fans is this: We are here for you.”

Kenney said season ticket holder who have sold their tickets for a loss on the secondary market or have been forced to eat unused tickets no one wanted — even at a massive discount — are free to apply at Cubs.com for a full reimbursement of their losses since 2009, when the team’s string of pitiful seasons began.

“I don’t want to over-commit here, but we know our season ticket holders have taken a major bath the last five years and we want to take care of them,” said Kenney. “Basically, if you’ve lost money, go ahead and apply and we’ll cover your losses.”

Added Kenney: “It’s not like we’ve been spending money on our on-the-field product recently. We’ve got money to burn. Why not spend it on our fans for once?”