Sports fans have filed a class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball demanding that the replay system be extended to include fan requests for reviews of non-game ballpark infractions.

Milwaukee Brewers fan Stanley Laskowski recounted an event that occurred during the Sausage Race last week at Miller Park.

“I bet on the Kielbasa and he was a gonna win when that cheatin’ Bratwurst tripped him up from behind,” said Laskowski. “I lost my girlfriend on that one. If I coulda threw a flag or somethin’ and got it over-turned, I woulda won a Schlitz and kept my girl.”

If the suit is successful, challenges would not be limited to events on the field. Vendor actions such as selling cold hot dogs, beer “short-pours” and “pocketing the change” would also become reviewable.

Fan misconduct will fall under the scope of rule Section 125, Row 16, Seat 8. One contentious provision involves the review of seating changes made after the start of a game.

“Unfair,” said James “Tiny” Burgemeister, President of the “6’10, 320 lb. Guys Blocking Your View” union. “It’s our God-given right to spend the first half-inning loading up at the concession stands before squeezing our way to the seat in front of yours.”

Also objecting was Tiffany St. John of “Why do you think we’re not sitting near you in the first place, I mean, duh?” St. John asked incredulously.