A day after accidentally donning the wrong Cubs uniform in Thursday’s victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cubs outfielder Junior Lake has found himself in the center of yet another uniform snafu, this time playing the first inning of Friday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies wearing a full suit of armor from the 17th century.

“I’m really embarrassed,” the 23-year-old told reporters. “After everyone poked fun at me for wearing the wrong visitors uniform the other day, I really wanted to make sure not to make the same mistake. But when I saw a blue home jersey and an antique suit of armor, I totally blanked on which one we were wearing for this series. I panicked, and I guess I chose the wrong uniform, which I pretty much realized right away when it started clinking heavily as I slowly lumbered to the outfield during warmups.”


Lake changed into his regular uniform after his at bat in the first inning, a sharply hit ball that careened off the center field wall and resulted in an easy out at first base as the normally speedy outfielder was only able to trudge half the distance to the base before falling over and flailing his legs, unable to lift himself up.

Cubs officials have announced that, due to the mix up, antique armor and tunics will be banned from the clubhouse for the remainder of the season.

Photoshops by Joel Nielsen and Vince LiFonti

Jeff GoodSmith