Seven members of a Bridgeport family were arrested after an altercation that began during a holiday party at a Morgan Street two-flat spilled onto the nearby parking lot of St. Mary of Perpetual Health parish.

While Chicago police refused to name family members who were arrested, a police spokesperson said the brawl ensued during an argument about which was team worse, the 1970 White Sox, which finished the season with 56 wins and 106 losses, or the 2013 ball club with a record of 63-99.

The fight escalated after the family’s 85-year-old grandfather coldcocked his 28-year-old grandson, who argued that Gordon Beckham was a much better second baseman than Syd O’Brien, a utility infielder who played in 121 games batting .247 during the 1970 season.

“Grandpa hit the grandson over the head with a bottle of Bushmills,” the police spokesman said. “However, the old man was agitated when the kid insisted Connor Gillaspie is a far better third baseman than Bill Melton, and that Adam Dunn could out-slug Carlos May any day of the week.”

The situation was exacerbated when the altercation moved down the block to the church parking lot when parishioners exiting the 7:30 am Sunday mass joined the fray after the pastor led them in chanting, “Vive Viciedo.”