With attendance expected to continue to dwindle for the third consecutive year, the Chicago Cubs announced several promotions to lure fans to Wrigley Field during the 2014 season.

“We realize the team might continue to struggle next year, so we are giving back to fans in the form of exciting value-added promotional events,” a team press release said.

Perhaps the most prized giveaway of the entire season will be the Ernie Banks replica Medal of Freedom, a promotion for a game in July. Banks was recently honored by President Obama with the medal, the highest honor bestowed upon an American citizen.

Other 2014 promotions include “Failed Cubs Third Basemen Day” featuring Kevin Orie and Gary Scott bobble head dolls. ”Commemorate Breaking the 100 Loss Streak in 2013” will be the theme of a promotion in August when a Cubs floppy hat will be given away to remind fans that the Cubs lost just 96 games last season.

The team hinted that they might extend an olive branch to ostracized former Cub Sammy Sosa, who has all but begged management to restore him into their good graces. Without mentioning the slugger by name, “Corked Bat Day” is scheduled in May for a game against the White Sox.

According to the press release, “The fan who cracks his bat in half exposing a cork center will win gas money for a trip to Milwaukee to attend a game against the Brewers.”