The Saturday before Thanksgiving means one thing for college football fans around the country. It’s National Cupcake Week.

This is the time of year when the best college football teams in the country go out of their way to schedule an unassuming patsy to get walloped by 13 touchdowns in front of a half-full stadium while all the students are partying at home with their friends from high school.

In addition to the exciting match-ups of Alabama vs Chattanooga and Florida State vs Idaho, Clemson will also be taking on the Citadel.

“What better way to honor our nation’s military than for our boys to whup’ up on them so bad that they lose by 75 points,” said Clemson coach Dabo Swinney. “Hell, we’re really doing them a favor. Think of how much easier it’s going to be for them to serve overseas after surviving our defense for four full quarters. “

Florida State Coach Jimbo Fischer, when asked about a game where his team was a +2079 point favorite said, “We have no control over our schedule, and in all seriousness, we need to respect our opponents, even if they’re a bunch of sissified college football wannabees who would’ve been cut from my high school JV team. I just hope our players don’t start partying and womanizing until at least the end of the 2nd quarter, especially our quarterback.”

National Cupcake Week, which is co-sponsored by the Crumbs franchise as well as ‘Gabourey Sidibe’s Sugar Busters’ also features a number of exciting games on the slate.

Oregon vs. Marinello Beauty College

Texas vs. The North Texas Bible College and Waffle Hut

Ohio St vs. fill-in-the-blank Big-10 Team

LSU vs The West Canaan Coyotes