On the evening of October 14, Wrigley Field will be opened to allow fans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Chicago Cubs being five outs away from the World Series. Large screens set up at home plate, first base, third base, and center field will replay the first eight and one-third innings of Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series.

“If $10 tickets and the excitement of watching Mark Prior cruise into the eighth inning with a 3–0 lead aren’t enough to lure fans into Wrigley, we will also be offering half-price concessions, including beer,” Crane Kenney, Chicago Cubs President of Business Operations revealed. “It’s going to be a wonderful night.”

Overhearing his colleague, a team spokesman wanting to remain nameless felt obligated to disclose, “Right before the infamous foul ball to left occurs, the screens will go black. Then at the exact moment Alex Gonzalez booted the ball the lights will dim, fans will be asked to leave, and an incessant wailing noise will be blared. As fans exit the ballpark, each one will then be stopped and punched in the gut to recreate the feeling from 10 years ago.”

A. Waite