Minutes after announcing that Dale Sveum was fired from his job as Cubs manager, the position was posted on employment website Monster.com.

For those interested in applying, here is the job posting:

Seeking seasonal employee for fun-filled position in the exciting world of “professional” baseball; the ideal applicant has a working knowledge of baseball and, preferably, played the game through at least Pony League. Those applying must have prior experience in child-care and in working with classic underachievers.

Individuals should be in excellent health with the physical ability to be extremely animated in post –game ramblings with the media (no more than 5-7 minutes per session; some sincerity required); for performing deep bending-over to occasionally kiss the asses of team management, and for walking to the pitcher’s mound as many as 8 times per game.

Candidates should know there is little room for advancement. However, the position offers a really high salary for little amount of work required with hardly any expectations for success.