Retired Bears linebacker and current Fox Sports 1 analyst Brian Urlacher has been speaking his mind ever since trading his pads for a lapel microphone. First, he admitted the Bears faked injuries during Lovie Smith’s reign, then he revealed that quarterback Jay Cutler never called him when he retired.

Most recently, he leveled an even more serious allegation: Cutler never once kissed his boo-boos to make them all better.

“He was supposed to be a leader of the team and he couldn’t even kiss my surgically-repaired wrist to ensure it was healing properly?” Urlacher complained during a radio interview. “Whatever. It’s no big deal, I guess. I’m not trying to get headlines or anything.”

When he heard Urlacher felt slighted, Cutler cast his eyes low, then uttered a guttural “Doon’t Caaaaare” before walking away and worrying about more important things.