Lost among all the controversy of Justin Bieber posing for photos with the Stanley Cup earlier this week while standing on the Indian head in the Blackhawks locker room before his concert at the United Center was a five-minute trip to Wrigley Field to that included taking a bathroom break in the BP Cup.

And no one cared.

A member of the Cubs front office said, “Mr. Bieber visited Wrigley Field during his tour of Chicago this week and needed to use the facilities. We pointed him to the nearest restroom where he saw our troughs and immediately said he was ‘totally grossed out’ and insisted we find him a better place to urinate.”

A Cubs PR assistant was holding the recently awarded BP Cup hoping Bieber would pose for a photo with it. Instead, he demanded he urinate in it.

“Justin’s been going through some sort of urinate-in-public phase lately,” said the visibly shaken-up PR assistant. “I’m not sure what it’s all about, but he’s officially off the guest list for future events at Wrigley Field.”

When news broke of Bieber’s terrible behavior and lack of respect for the most prized trophy the Cubs have won since 1908, not one blogger, media pundit or Cubs fan reacted poorly, unlike the mass public outcry that occurred during Bieber’s United Center trip.

The front office member also said he asked Bieber if he’d like to sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” some time this week and his answer was “Hell no. I’m never coming back to this dump.”

Mariotti Jr.