After years of following the team as if he were the wandering Ahasuerus, alleged actor-comedian Jim Belushi has been officially designated as a pain in the ass by the Chicago Blackhawks.

Perhaps the last straw came after rumors surfaced of Belushi’s hoisting the Stanley Cup, an NHL taboo for a non-player, coach or owner, while on the ice in Boston during the team’s post game victory celebration.

“Had it not been for my bursitis and the Cuban heel shoes I was wearing, Belushi would have found out the true meaning of high-sticking,” Coach Joel Quenneville told a local newspaper.

“This has to end,“ a Hawks player said. “After one of the games in the Detroit series, I was in the shower and he’s there snapping my rear end with a towel.”

“The guy is everywhere,” said Duncan Keith. “We go to Edmonton, he’s there. We go to a bar, he’s there. Hell, last week, I went to the drive-through at McDonald’s and he asked me if I wanted to super-size my order.”