As recently reported here, Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to return Patriots owner Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring that he stole from Kraft in 2005. The ring will be exchanged for Tim Tebow’s autograph.

New information just being revealed about the agreement is that retired NBA coach Phil Jackson and retired NBA player Dennis Rodman were assisting behind the scenes.

Said Jackson, “Putin really wanted to keep Bob’s ring, but he really wanted Tim’s autograph, too. And since he couldn’t easily steal the autograph, he knew he had to make the ring-for-autograph deal.”

“As a Zen master, I encouraged Putin to engage in meditation and self-contemplation regarding the situation. When that didn’t work, I slipped him one of my own championship rings. I have 11 of them, which is one too many to wear when I post on my new Twitter account.”

Said Rodman, “Phil’s gonna think what Phil wants to think about the deal. But it was me. You see I got skills. I’ve been an NBA player, an author, an unpaid North Korean diplomat, and a bride. I can do anything.”

“The KGB agents like basketball, so I took them aside and said I could get them a game with Kim Jong Un if Putin traded the ring. They liked that.”

“But when I told them that as a newly divorced man, Putin did not want me going all bridezilla on him, the deal was done.”

Tim Tebow and Jackson’s bride-to-be Jeanie Buss were unavailable for comment.