With seemingly more offensive schemes in play than sacks given up by Gabe Carimi, the Chicago Bears will install yet another new system under the leadership of first year coach Marc Trestman.

While it will be hard for some players to grasp the playbook, it’s likely to be more difficult for fans, who will contend with the team’s fourth different offense in five years.

“I guess this means I need to use my entire two weeks’ vacation to go to Bourbonnais this summer to see what’s what,” Johnny Blatz, a pipefitter from Cicero said in a fans’ focus group sponsored by a local tavern.

“Two years ago I took five days’ of sick time off from work chasing Mike Martz’ sorry ass around the football field.”

A Bears fan for more than 35 years, Al Slupski of suburban Bolingbrook told the group, “All I know is that if I’m going to quit my job to spend a 40-hour work week breaking down tape, it damn well better be worth it.”

“It took me until after Christmas last year to finally get a clue about Tice’s system and now they go and change it again,” said Bridgeport resident Shane O’Malley.

“In fact, I watched the friggin’ second Green Bay game 26 times before figuring out that Tyler Clutz wasn’t with the team any longer.”