Bryan Bickell is the breakout player of this year’s Stanley Cup playoff run. But in his last few up-and-down years with the Hawks, the forward never made enough of a name for himself to warrant pre-printed jerseys like the other players. Instead, Bickell ordered them custom-made from That era is now over.

“I’m glad to finally reach a point where my teammates and even a few fans will remember my name,” said Bickell. “Up until two weeks ago, Coach Q called me ‘Hey, big guy!’ And when my jerseys came misspelled? Oh man … Frolik still calls me ‘Bickett.’”

In light of this new information, videos have leaked onto the internet featuring Bickell skating in jerseys several sizes too small, too large and even practicing in a Chicago Wolves sweater.

But Bickell has never complained, taking everything in stride.

“Ordering my own gear was mostly frustrating because of the shipping delays,” he said. “I once sat on the bench in full goalie pads for a week because ‘Huet’ sweaters were all I could find in the storage room. Whatever it takes to get my name on the Cup. My actual name. Bryan Bickell.”

Bandwagon Dan