David Stern announced this weekend that the NBA’s iconic logo will be replaced with an image LeBron James in an all-too famous pose, flopping away trying to draw a foul.

“It looks like the original silhouette on the logo is running over LeBron but we all know LeBron is acting” said Stern. ” I mean, come on, everyone knows LeBron flops like a fish out of water any chance he gets.”

Stern said that more accurately encompassing the current spirit of the league with an updated logo will lead to exciting new revenue streams.

“Starting next season we will have an MVF award for Most Valuable Flopper,” said Stern. “And Burger King will now be known as the ‘Home Of The Flopper.’ LeBronamania will be flopping wild!”

Some critics said it’s impossible to believe that the slow-moving skinny man in the original logo could so easily knock over the nearly 300-pound James as depicted in the new logo. Critics also feared that embracing the act of flopping wasn’t in the best interests of the sport.

“I don’t care if it’s detrimental to the long-term viability of our already financially fragile league,” said Stern. “I’m leaving this job soon and have $250 million in the bank. Screw it.”

Photoshop by Joel Nielsen



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