After a whirlwind Game 3 loss to Detroit that saw Andrew Shaw get in a couple scuffles, score a disallowed goal and rack up 14 penalty minutes, coach Joel Quenneville has informed his young sparkplug center that Game 4 will be played in Rockford Wednesday, rather than its actual location at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit where Game 3 was held.

“I love Shawzer and the intensity he brings to the game, but god damn it he’s got to turn it down a notch every once in a while,” said Quenneville. “The way he’s playing he’s never going to get a call, and we need a few breaks to go our way right now.”

Quenneville told a surprised Shaw to pack up and head to Rockford, where Shaw starred with the Icehogs — Chicago’s minor league affiliate — to prepare for a must-win Game 4 matchup.

“Coach handed me a one-way bus ticket from Detroit to Rockford and told me to hang out at my old locker until Wednesday’s game,” said Shaw. “I’m not real sure what’s going on, but my guess is they had to move the game from Detroit because of all the burning buildings here or something.”

Should the Hawks win Wednesday night, Quenneville has yet to decide if he’ll bring Shaw back to Chicago for Saturday’s Game 5.

“Well, if he’s dumb enough to fall for this Rockford trick, he might just be too stupid to be in the NHL,” said Quenneville. “And that’s saying a lot because this league is filled with a lot of really stupid people.”