Luol Deng has missed most of the playoffs with a mysterious illness that’s caused him to lose 15 pounds in a week spent at the hospital. While many players would consider sitting out until healthy, Deng is determined to play in Friday night’s pivotal game three against Miami, even if it means he’s got to wear a hospital gown.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling well, but I need to be out there with my teammates no matter what,” said Deng. “Watching the last four games from a hospital bed while writhing in pain has really sucked.”

Derrick Rose, Deng’s MVP teammate who’s missed the entire season due to a knee injury commended Deng.

“What Luol’s trying to do really shows you what he’s made of,” said Rose. “It also shows you he’s putting his team ahead of his own well-being, which makes him a complete sucker, but it does show you what he’s made of.”

Image by Mike Gonzalez