While many Bulls fans are frustrated with Derrick Rose and tired of talking about when he might return from knee surgery, Hawk Harrelson is praising the Bulls superstar.

“DRose has that iron fortitude that all elite athletes have,” said Harrelson in a recent interview. “Ya gotta have TWT: The Will To … ”

“And while most sports stars have TWTW: The Will To Win, Derrick is remarkable in that he has TWTS: The Will To Sit. I’ve never seen anything like it. His resolve is impenetrable.”

Continued Harrelson, “Now forget about all the metrics and the numbers – the upcoming one year anniversary of the knee surgery, the two months since he has been medically cleared to play, the $95 million contract with the Bulls, the $200 million deal with Adidas. Numbers don’t win ball games; TWT does.”

“It’s simple,” explained Harrelson. “Combining Derrick’s TWTS with TWTW of all his injured and ill teammates who abhor sitting, that’s what’s going to win playoff basketball games.”

When informed of Rose’s recent remark that he spends all his free time with his young son and is therefore unaware of the mounting fan frustration, Harrelson said, “I think that’s great. Derrick’s son is probably at that age where he can sit up on his own now. So it’s important that he has a role model like Derrick to show him how.”