Ending the 2012-2013 NBA season 40 games under .500 with a record of 21-61, the entire roster of the Charlotte Bobcats was forced to serve as waiters at the wedding reception of team owner Michael Jordan, who was recently married.

A representative from the Jordan camp said the server duty is “contractual.”

“I guess the players and their agents didn’t read the fine print of their contracts,” the spokesperson said. “It’s standard practice in the NBA that if a team has as crappy a season as the Bobcats did, they are subject to performing ‘other team duties.’”

“Man, I thought I was there to be an invited guest,” guard Kemba Walker told the Charlotte Observer. “As soon as I arrived at the reception hall, they put a dinner jacket on me and handed over a platter of bacon-wrapped chestnuts.”

With more than 2,000 guests in attendance, the Bobcats worked well into the night. However, the evening was not without controversy.

According to one guest, blows were nearly exchanged after power forward Josh McRoberts tipped over an entire tray of cold vichyssoise on Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippin, who were seated together.

Not all of the Bobcats were disappointed with the evening’s festivities.

“I really lucked out,” center Bismarck Biyombo said. “They had me working as bartender and I made $13.25 in tips.”