The relationship between White Sox announcer Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and color commentator Steve Stone has often been rumored as tense. Evidence of this is the fact that the two broadcasters sit almost twenty feet apart in the booth

Things finally boiled over recently after another disappointing home loss.

One onlooker said Hawk threw down his headset as he and Stone tried to walk out the door at the same time. The resulting bottleneck lead to a few terse words, which in turn lead to a pushing match. Witnesses to the altercation described it largely as a “slap fight.” Stage managers and White Sox staff quickly stepped in, but not before Stone landed the only real punch in the fight, popping Harrelson on the cheek with a right hand.

When asked later about the incident, Harrelson said he had not been hit like that since he was “sucker punched” by former teammate Carl Yastrzemski.

“Stone Pony packs a pretty good punch, but the best overhand right I’ve ever been hit with was Yaz,” said Harrelson.

For the next few games, Stone and Harrelson will be joined by their attorneys sitting in the giant empty space between the two broadcasters.

Matt H.