In a move that has NBA analysts scratching their heads, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose will consult a psychic to learn when he might return to the team after surgery for a torn left ACL.

Amid reports that Bulls management and the Rose camp are at odds about if and when the 2010-2011  league MVP would play for the team in 2013, Rose tweeted that he would “cast fate to the wind and let Miss Cleo handle my business.”

Miss Cleo was a popular psychic in the 1990’s famous for compelling television commercials on behalf of the Psychic Friends Network. The spots also featured longtime has-been singer Dionne Warwick, who remains unemployed since the commercials last aired.

“The doctors tell me one thing. The Bulls tell me something else. And Reggie says to just chill,” said Rose, referring to his brother and manager. “Hell, I don’t know if I should [expletive deleted] or rewind my watch.”

Rose learned about the famous shaman after her services were suggested by pro basketball analyst Charles Barkley.

“Sir Charles talked every day with Cleo during his playing days,” Rose said of the ex-NBA power forward nicknamed “The Round Mound of Rebound.” According to Rose, it was Cleo who guided Barkley’s successful Hall of Fame career. “No Cleo. No Charles,” Rose wrote in the tweet.

“When Chuck advises me I got to listen,” Rose said. “After all, when I was growing up, Charles was my role model.”