Nick Leddy has suddenly found himself an integral part of the Blackhawks’ assertive, puck-moving defense. However, the pimply kid from Minnesota has not yet gotten used to being a feared player on a dominant team. Recently, Leddy took a small step toward improving that hockey image: asking his mother to pack “more badass” lunches.

“How am I supposed to act intimidating after eating PB+J with the crusts cut off?” asked Leddy. “From now on it’s meatball subs, and mom, make my Cheetos flamin’. And no more perfectly-cubed fruit, throw the whole cantaloupe in there.”

Leddy has immediately banned the following food items: pudding cups, mac ‘n’ cheese, Cheese Nips, fruit roll-ups, animal crackers, small bags full of cereal and anything that spells snacks with an ‘x.’

Concluded Leddy: “I told ma she can still put those little notes in my lunches, but only the ones with inspirational quotes. No hearts or smiley faces. A guy can only take so many purple nurples from Seabs in the locker room.”

Bandwagon Dan