A few days after Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o claimed he was part of an elaborate hoax centered around a fake love girlfriend, Cubs outfielder and Stevenson High School senior Tony Campana admitted he too has a fake “steady.”

Campana released his bombshell in third period study hall to longtime friend Chad Taracino. According to reports, Campana accidentally sent a Kik message to all friends claiming that his super cool, Canadian girlfriend that no one has met, and only he knows from summer camp, was in fact not real. He went on to say that he was only trying to make Elizabeth Grortell in second period jealous so she would go to the winter formal with him.

Campana and the Cubs now claim that he never sent those messages, insisting they have met her before, and she was 23 and totally a supermodel.

“We met at baseball and modeling camp one summer,” said Campana in a statement. “She just couldn’t visit last year because she was in some movies and underwear commercials.”

Brew Dreesus