Bears GM Phil Emery made a splash this week when he fired long-time timeout connoisseur and head coach Lovie Smith. Many Bears fans can agree that this was the right move for the team, but what seems to be most puzzling for fans, is that this was a decisive and competent move for the Bears organization.

Historically, the Bears have taken their time in making personnel decisions, often signing random coaches like Dick Jauron, Dave Wannstedt, Mike Martz, and Terry Shea. However, this swift firing and professional honesty is something to which Bears fans are not accustomed.

“We’ve been spoiled by [past GM] Jerry Angelo, who was willing to waste draft picks by not getting them in on time, signed every injured offensive tackle available, and took Cedric Benson when we already had Thomas Jones,” said lifelong fan Bob Dukowski. “And firing Lovie so quickly? What are we trying to do? Get someone in here as fast as possible to win a Super Bowl?”

Brew Dreesus